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What is my clubs purpose?

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Any club or business organization in the world needs a purpose. Youth soccer clubs in America are no different. Without an answer to the question “What is our purpose?” it is impossible to define success. How can you measure whether you have achieved what you set out to achieve if you don’t know what it is. Our purpose identifies what we are trying to achieve. For a soccer club to be successful it needs to have parents, players, coaches that believe in the why of the club so they can invest their time, their energy to help make your program great. It is hard to engage a loyal and committed player/parent or coach base without them first understanding your purpose and what you are trying to do. Without a clear and defined purpose you are just another soccer club. If we want to be better (which we always should), leaders in our clubs need to start asking “what is our purpose?”  

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