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Eric Clermont educating a group of student coaches on the USSF C LIcense

“The one thing that separates winners from the losers, is, winners take action”- tony robbins


Introducing your change catalyst...

Are you ready to take your performance to new heights?

Are you tired of feeling stuck in the same old patterns, longing for a breakthrough that will propel you forward? It's time to ignite the change you've been longing for. Imagine what it would be like to unlock your true potential and make a lasting impact in your own life. Are you ready to embark on this transformational journey with me?

Eric Clermont, Tampa Bay United USL 2 Assistant Coach

Think about where you are right now. Are you truly satisfied with your performance and progress? Or do you find yourself yearning for something more? It's time to dig deep and ask yourself the hard questions. What's holding you back from reaching your full potential? What fears and doubts have been holding you captive for far too long?

I want you to imagine a life where you break free from those limitations, where you confidently pursue your goals and dreams with unwavering belief in yourself. What would it feel like to unleash your greatness and live a life of purpose and fulfillment?

That's where I come in. I'm Eric Clermont, and I'm here to be the catalyst for change in your life. Through my holistic coaching approach, I will guide you in unraveling the barriers that have been holding you back. Together, we will address the doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs that have kept you from stepping into your full potential.

My coaching program is not just about improving performance; it's about transforming your entire life. We will dive deep into the core aspects of who you are and align your goals, values, and aspirations. We'll explore areas such as goal-setting, confidence building, resilience, effective communication, and more. You will learn powerful techniques to navigate challenges, manage pressure, and unlock the mindset needed for sustained success.

I've witnessed incredible transformations in the lives of my clients. Individuals who were once trapped in self-doubt and mediocrity are now thriving, achieving things they never thought possible.

The power to change lies within you, and my role is to guide and support you every step of the way.

So, are you ready to break free from the chains of self-doubt and embrace a life of purpose and impact? Are you ready to take that first step towards becoming the best version of yourself? Together, we will ignite the change you've been longing for and create a life that truly reflects who you are meant to be.

Don't wait any longer. It's time to unleash your potential and make a lasting impact. Take that leap of faith and join me on this extraordinary journey. Your future is waiting.


  • Director of Coaching Education

  • USL 2 Assistant Coach, Tampa Bay United (May 2021-Present)

  • NPSL/PDL Assistant Coach, Palm Beach United (May 2018-August 2019)

  • U.S Soccer Coach Educator Staff Assistant Coach


  • Postgraduate Diploma in Sports and Performance Psychology

  • Jay Shetty Life Coaching Certification Program Completion 

  • Association for Coaching ("AC")/ Training Accreditation & Certification Organization ("TRACCERT")

  • United Soccer Coaches, Master Coach and Soccer Leader Award

  • USSF Director of Coaching License

  • USSF A License

  • USSF A Youth License

  • UEFA C License

  • Initial Certification in Social Studies Education

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